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What we do

Think foodbank, think humans, think pet foodbank, think your furry loved ones!

We're here to help anyone struggling financially to feed their pets. We know that the price of pet food, along with everything else has risen significantly and know many pet owners are finding it harder to provide for their pets. We never want it to be the case that you have to share your human food with your pets, this isn't good for 'man nor beast' with neither getting the nutrition required. Nor do we want owners to go without, choosing to buy food for their pets and not for themselves, we know this happens but it needn't.

We provide the food your pet/s need allowing you the security of knowing they're well fed and remain in the place they call home, with the  family that love and care for them. We hope to prevent as many pets as possible from being surrendered to already overstretched shelters/rescues purely on the basis of the need of food.

Boomerang's Pet Foodbank became Registered Charity no.1200695 in October 2022 after growing rapidly. The need to help pets during the cost of living crisis has proven unprecedented. A team of volunteers provide owners throughout the majority of East Anglia, not only with food but other pet essentials. Our support is for every pet owner finding it difficult, including those who are homeless or find themselves living on the streets.

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