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Where you can donate pet items

Please click below for locations that will happily accept your kind donations

what we can accept

ANY pet food of ANY type is very much wanted with the exception of fresh or frozen raw food as storing and transporting it has it's issues. Alongside food we accept ANYTHING that a dog, cat or small animal requires or would like - please see list below

  • Dry dog food

  • Wet dog food (cans, trays or pouches)

  • Dry cat food

  • Wet cat food (cans, trays or pouches)

  • Pet treats (cat & dog)

  • Pet toys (cat & dog)

  • Beds & bedding (cat & dog)

  • Dog poop bags

  • Cat litter

  • Dental sticks

  • Wormers (cat &dog)

  • Flea treatments (cat & dog)

  • Dog collars, leads and harnesses

  • Dog coats

  • Bowls

  • Crates & travel baskets

  • Small animal food

  • Anything else pet related that springs to mind!!

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